What people are saying about Pam …

“I have been seeing Pam Smith every other week since 2005 and her wonderful hands have made a big difference in my functioning level. I have been in the nursing profession for over 40 years — a good part of that was lifting, bending, pushing, pulling patients and equipment. I have scoliosis that has worsened over the years, resulting in multiple knots in my back and neck. I also have 3 cervical fusions, SI joint instability and a knee replacement with another sometime in the future. Pam keeps those painful knots away so that I can function at my highest level, work as a nurse practitioner, and take care of my 4 grandchildren and a dog. It’s so much easier to go to Pam, in a relaxed atmosphere with no goals to meet or worries over how much insurance coverage I have. I’ve been to chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and physiatrists and PAM IS THE BEST!” – Carolyn K., Nurse Practitioner

I’ve been a long time client of Pam’s for well, let’s see now … since 1993 … wow!  I think that pretty much says it all about Pam’s amazing hands — but her work and the experience of getting a treatment and massage with her is so much more.  Pam is constantly evolving, growing, learning – adding to her arsenal of tools that benefit all of us, her clients.  Whatever ailments I’ve come in with over the years, she’s not only been able to solve for me, and relieve practically immediately, but also had fantastic take-home advice for.  I have some serious knots in my neck, and even though I’m probably a hard case (I like massage deeper perhaps than the average person), she manages to relieve the pressure not just temporarily, and keep me in the game.  For me, a person who can’t EVER sleep as well, I have to say I’ve fallen asleep on her table more often than I care to admit!  She is very easy to communicate with as well, and I have found this difficult sometimes with other therapists.  If I need more or less pressure, specifics of any kind, it’s easy to talk with her. I think it’s because she is open, comfortable, and creates a gentle, safe environment for people.   As I said, a history of 15+ years kind of says it all.  I would highly recommend Pam to everyone, and do!  She’s an amazing therapist, and an incredibly caring, giving person on top of that.  – Suki K., Owner Suki, Inc.

In 2006, a friend told me about Pamela Smith, and ever since my first visit I have returned regularly to receive a massage. Those 90 minutes are a precious time in which body, mind, and spirit come back into alignment. Pam is wonderfully matter-of-fact and down to earth, but she is also spiritually sensitive and attuned. Her touch and presence are gentle and respectful. Sometimes we talk during those 90 minutes, but more often we are silent. Pam has an intuitive, alert, and loving way of offering massage, and after a session with her I invariably feel more calm, relaxed, and connected to Spirit. Last week I laughed when I told her that after my recent Friday afternoon massage, I had gone home and done an unheard of thing: I had written a sermon in four hours. Normally, writing a sermon can take me an entire day of sometimes fretful labor, but after that massage, I was in the flow, listening to the Spirit, and my writing was accomplished with ease and grace. I am grateful for Pam’s ministry to me and to the many other people who find their way to her door.” – Minister


“I have been a regular monthly client of Pam Smith since 2008. Pam is an extraordinary person and an expert masseuse. Pam knows the body – muscles, sinews, ligaments, organs and tendons – with the keen and discerning mind of a professional, and with the deep intuition of an artist who senses, with her hands, the wondrous connections of body, mind and spirit. If a client needs to talk during a session, Pam is a great listener and partner in dialogue; and if a client needs to be silent and to simply receive her total attention, she is happy to quietly go about her work. For myself, I also appreciate her intelligence and her great sense of humor. I always feel completely relaxed and safe in Pam’s presence.” – – Robert J., retired psychotherapist; currently a retreat leader, artist and environmental activist

“I’ve been getting monthly massages since the late 1990s. After moving from Michigan to Connecticut and working in Massachusetts, a friend referred me to Pamela. I’ve been a client of Pamela’s since 2005, and decided to become an every other week client in 2008!  She is an amazing person in addition to providing a relaxing yet energizing massage. She listens as well as my favorite physician did, and provides insights on health issues based on her own, broad experiences and beliefs. She truly fosters the idea of a journey within. I get what I need every time I visit Pamela, twice a month now.“– Elaine C., Botanist